Saloon For Your style

Facial Treatments

Flaunt your Natural Beauty while getting rid of Dust and Impurities from your Skin with the best Facial treatment in Pune. Packed with Skin Lightening elements. Facial Salon in Pune will help you look Naturally Glamorous. 

Hand & Foot Treatments

Plash Salon offers a plethora of beauty, Hair and Nail services at really affordable prices. Pedicure involves exactly the same processes involved in manicure, but the application is on your toenails. 

Hand & Foot Treatments

Massages have a holistic approach to wellness, offering treatments for the mind, body, and spirit. Our Body Massages & Waxing services in Pune offers an indoor/outdoor blend of body smoothing therapies.

Hair Service

Our stylists vary from the well-experienced to the fresh talent, and work with your unique features and hair texture to produce stunning results. From basic styling and coloring to hair repair, and effective dandruff treatments – Plash Salon has it all. You can even request the luxury of the product line, and watch as we create a whole new you.

Makeup Service

Counting down to ‘The Day’, the frenzy of preparation stresses you out. A bride needs to feel good to look good and radiant on her wedding. Plash Salon offers a full range of services and packages for the bride and groom to choose from.

Nail Treatments

Hands speak a thousand words, and Plash Salon will help them speak volumes. These are some of the most talked about treatments at our salon, some of which are over 45 minutes of just pampering your nails.